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Reward Check
Tip Check
CD Check
Reward Check
Tip Check
CD Check

Many credit cards offer higher reward rates on rotating categories such as groceries, gasoline, movies, etc. Having multiple cards with varying rewards programs can pay big if you can remember the categories each month. This application eliminates the hassle of remembering all those categories and helps you realize your full reward potential!


✔ Templates for popular US, CAN, and SG credit cards.
✔ View current rewards by card or by category.
✔ Create custom cards and reward categories.
✔ Simple calculator to compute rewards.
✔ iPod compatible, no network access required.
✔ Does NOT require any private information.


Have you ever been in a situation where you didn’t know if you were supposed to tip or how much tip was expected? Well help has arrived! Get this app today!


✔ Extensive tipping/gratuity guide for the U.S.
✔ Easy to use, easy to read, and clean interface.
✔ Guide feeds directly into calculator for % tips.
✔ Calculator can calculate tip before and after tax.
✔ Calculator supports bill splitting for groups.
✔ No network access required.
✔ Round tip to nearest selected increment (optional).

PRO Version is also available via the App Store. In addition to the highlights listed above you also get:

PRO Only Highlights

✔ International tip guide for 69 countries*
✔ Flashlight (if available on your device)
✔ U.S. wedding tip Guide
✔ U.S. holiday tip Guide

* International tip guide covers 69 countries in four categories: restaurants, bars, porters, and taxi's.


CD Check is a simple but handy reference guide for Certificate of Deposits (CDs).


✔ Lookup guide shows you the current average CD rates.
✔ Use the guide to find the highest interest rates available.
✔ Easy to use CD calculator for quick CD related calculations.
✔ Automatic APY calculation.
✔ United States CD rates only.

Prayer Notes Discount Calculator Kitchen Sous Chef
Prayer Notes
On Sale Discount Calculator
Kitchen Sous Chef

Prayer Notes is an application to help you keep track of your prayers requests and answers. It is designed with simplicity in mind, to allow you to quickly write, review, and share your requests with others.

Want to get rid of ads? Checkout Prayer Notes PRO in the Apple App Store Today!


✔ Simple and intuitive user interface.
✔ Category groupings for prayers.
✔ Password privacy protection.
✔ Share requests via Facebook, E-mail, and SMS*.
✔ Archive prayers in the answers section.
✔ Horizontal and vertical rotation supported.
✔ Available for both iPhone and iPad.

* Standard text and data rates apply.

John 3:16 ✟

The On Sale Discount calculator was created to help shoppers estimate ahead of time how much items will cost and how much will be saved during a sale.

Features include:

✔ Easy to input calculator with sales and tax inputs.
✔ Calculations include taxes.
✔ A shopping list with totals for all items.
✔ A tax reference guide (US only).
✔ Handy help and reference guide.


Kitchen Sous Chef is a set of everyday tools to assist you around the kitchen. This little kitchen helper is ready and waiting to help you serve up that delicious meal!

*Note* Timers use the device notification system. Make sure notifications are turned on and that your device is not muted!!

App Highlights

✔ 5 Configurable timers.
✔ Timers work even if app is not running.
✔ Servings calculator
✔ Chart of popular conversions.
✔ Stores notes and favorite websites.
✔ Available for both iPhone and iPad.
Drive Log Drive Log Baby Logger
Mileage Expense Log
Baby Logger

Mileage Expense Log is designed to help you quickly and easily keep track of expenses incurred as you use your vehicle.  Use this application to keep acurate logs and generate summary reports.


✔ Simple and intuitive user interface.
✔ Sort by date, purpose, and/or vehicle.
✔ Easy to read summaries.
✔ Add additional expenses such as tolls, ferrys, etc.
✔ Export database as HTML or CVS.


Timesheet is an application designed to help keep track of time spent on daily activities.

✔ A simple, intuitive, yet feature rich user interface.
✔ Keep track of multiple activities and cost rates.
✔ Large, easy to read clock interface.
✔ Easy to navigate and tally summaries.
✔ Archive and export time sheets as HTML or CSV documents.
✔ Daily reminders at the start and end of shift.
✔ Designed for iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

Baby Logger is your daily log to keep track of your baby’s feedings, sleep habits, play times, and bowel movements.

✔ Easy to use interface with minimal taps.
✔ Feeding timer for right/left breast and bottle.
✔ Color coded log entries based on type
✔ BM picture taker to compare and show to doctor.
✔ Visual charts and running averages.
✔ Data Export data to an HTML or CSV file.
Sermon Notes IGiveIt
Sermon Notes


Sermon Notes is an application to help you get the most out of a sermon or lecture.

✔ Simultaneously record audio and taking notes.
✔ Automatic time tag aligns notes with audio track.
✔ Export to iTunes App File Sharing and/or e-mail.
✔ Simple, clean design.
✔ Database transfer between iOS devices via iCloud.
✔ Easily organize by date, category, speaker, or location.

iGiveIt is an application to help you keep track of your donations and tithes. It also includes a future donation date reminder to help you keep your giving on track.

✔ Easy to use, clean interface.
✔ Donation summaries for month.
✔ Multiple reminders can be set with repeat intervals.
✔ HTML and CSV exportable data.
✔ Portrait and Landscape mode for easy viewing and data entry.
✔ Database and reminders can be transferred from device to device via the cloud. 

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